Affiliate Manager

You partner with affiliates to gain more traffic and complement your brand’s organic and paid search campaigns. The problems arise when affiliates start to bid on your branded keywords and display their ads attracting customers that are already aware of your company. As a result you get leads that would have been yours anyway which you now have to pay extra for - this is just one consequence of brand bidding. To avoid such cases you would have to manually check your partners by hand - a task that becomes even more challenging as your affiliate network grows.

BluePear is a Search Ad Monitoring software that traces dishonest affiliates bidding on your branded terms, provides their competing ad copy, landing pages while saving all the redirect links as well as publisher ID.

What you get from BluePear:

  • Paid Search Ad & Landing page screenshots as proof of their non-compliance
  • Deep keywords & Ad data - see where and when your valuable keywords are being abused
  • Decloaking feature designed to let you reach disguised landing pages from within the system
  • Regular reporting to save you the trouble of manual audits
  • Support from your designated account manager


Protection of your valuable organic traffic
Security of your affiliate program
Saving of your marketing costs