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Our tool enables marketing agencies to filter out advertisements and protect your budgets by preventing you from paying undeserved rewards to affiliate partners.

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Maximize affiliate marketing profits by taking control of your campaigns with BluePear! Stop paying top dollar for your own organic traffic that deceitful affiliates are taking advantage of by PPC brand bidding. Unleash the true potential of your affiliate marketing efforts and stop losing revenue.

Search queries by brand
CPA rate in the affiliate network
Affiliate steals from you
3 000 000 $
With the given CR to sale
Unscrupulous stolen leads
100 000 х 1%(Sales CR for brand keywords)
Too much?
We can help you reduce these numbers.

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Easy Setup & Login

BluePear only needs your most important brand keywords to start.

24/7 Monitoring

We monitor and evaluate all external activities. You receive detailed reports that inform you of any actions you may need to take.

Trademark Abuse URL Filter

We prevent your competitors from imitating your brand by monitoring the data securing your brand reputation.

What is

BluePear is an AI powered protection & brand bidding tracking tool which helps to ensure that your affiliates stay compliant.

While other monitoring services are restricted by location, BluePear is available universally – in every country, all around the world.

years in affiliate marketing
satisfied customers

Collaborating with BluePear is your key to safeguarding your brand, reducing costs, and preventing the loss of valuable affiliate partners.
Don't miss out on the opportunity to fortify the longevity of your pharmacy business – reach out for a demo now!

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