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Protect your Paid Search

You set up a PPC campaign to drive quality leads, increase brand awareness and spur growth. Search Engine Marketing involves a multitude of challenges which include but are not limited to severe competition and high marketing costs. Having to deal with competing campaigns is only part of the problem,however, since besides cross-bidding which increases your CPC some competitors will not refrain from abusing your trademark to attract more customers. What’s worse is that they may use techniques like dayparting and geo-targeting to hide their ads making it hard for you bidding on trademarked keywords  infringement on your own.

BluePear is a Paid Search Compliance software  which allows you to see everything that’s happening to your branded terms: domains bidding on your trademark, their competing ad copy, URL as well as how often they run their ads and what creatives they’re using.

We offer:

  • Paid Search Ad & Landing page screenshots as proof of their non-compliance
  • Deep keywords & Ad data - see where and when your valuable keywords are being abused
  • Decloaking feature designed to let you reach disguised landing pages from within the system
  • Regular reporting to save you the trouble of manual audits
  • Support from your designated account manager


Protect your brand’s online presence
Decrease your CPC
Stay up to date with competition