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Our mission

The best relationships are built on trust. When leaders know that everything is working smoothly and everyone is doing their best, they can trust their team and achieve the impossible.

That is why our mission is to guarantee trust between brands and their affiliates by making their partnership fully transparent.

Who we are

Our story is the classic tale of a growing startup. From the first prototypes created in a garage to the big, decentralized team with a great culture that we have today, we’ve seen it all. And along the way, we’ve learned that tools made and used by professionals are indispensable.

Our specialty is affiliate marketing compliance  - that is, making sure affiliates are doing exactly what is expected of them. We carry out in-depth audits of affiliate programs to optimize them and uncover cases of fraud.

We are based in London, but our team includes professionals from all over the world. Top-brands from various markets use our services, and we hope that we can also help you.

What we can do for you

Affiliate programs are great for digital promotion  of your company and acquiring more traffic, yet they can also create new problems. Ad hijacking is often very costly, and hidden, low-quality ads are detrimental to the brand. Simple automated monitoring of affiliate marketing is often not enough to uncover all cases of fraud. And if a company works with a large pool of affiliates, manual monitoring is next to impossible.

Unfortunately, some brands neglect affiliate tracking services, and as a result, they do not have time to fix problems among their partners before the damage has already been done.

If you want to be confident in the quality of your promotional efforts, contact us. We develop marketing-compliance software, tuned to counter all the malicious techniques used for ad hijacking and other types of affiliate behavior that violates the terms of affiliate programs. Once our fraud-detection scanning is done, you will have full visibility of how affiliates operate:

  • Which links and landing pages they use
  • What kind of ads they show
  • Decloaking feature designed to let you reach disguised landing pages from within the system
  • Where and when they show the ads
  • And, most importantly, you will know if their work is up to your standards

Our clients ensure that their affiliate programs are working as intended and cut off problematic partners. We’ve helped many companies save significant parts of their marketing budget and use their resources efficiently.


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