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We help brands to track their position on listing websites and protect them again brand bidding.

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Calculate how much traffic and money you are losing

Large companies which work with affiliate networks forbid webmasters to drive contextual traffic to the brand. However, it is often the case that affiliates are trying to cheat the advertiser and drive traffic to the branded keywords. As a result, you end up paying affiliates for your own organic traffic.

Search queries by brand
CPA rate in the affiliate network
Affiliate steals from you
25 000 $
With the given CR to sale
Unscrupulous webmaster steals
100 000 х 1%(Sales CR for brand keywords)
Too much?
We can help you reduce these numbers.

What can you potentially face


Dishonest affiliates commit listing frauds or PPC brand bidding and try to hide their actions behind cloaks, multiple devices and geo-targeting.


To filter out such traffic effectively, you need to monitor your branded search results 24/7 from different devices, regions, different times of the day, IP addresses, etc.


It is almost impossible to do it manually and sifting out such traffic by behavioural factors, you risk cutting off diligent and conscientious webmasters.

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What is

BluePear is AI powered protection & tracking tool that helps to ensure compliance of your affiliate publishers artifical intelligent.


Our goal is to save you money by preventing you from paying fraudulent affiliates.

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How can BluePear help your business?

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BluePear monitors your branded search queries 24 hours a day, automatically, across all device types, geos, terms and conditions.

Prepares a report for you with the publisher IDs and screenshots of its ads for your branded queries.

This is a proof argument in the dispute with the affiliate network about the quality of the incoming traffic - you will no longer pay the affiliate network for your organic traffic!

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How much does the service cost?
The cost of the service is based on several factors: the number of keywords and search queries, number of geo-tracking, devices, frequency of monitoring. Leave a request, we will contact you and calculate everything transparently!
Will this service skim the ads that we have for our search queries?
No. There are two reasons for this:
1. We will add your domains to the white list. Our system will not monitor it and click on ads with this domain.
2. In general, the system works so that search engines do not take these requests in the calculation of search statistics. Therefore your semantics and contextual advertising budget will not suffer.
Do I need to do any integrations?
No. All we need from you to get started is keywords, a list of geo, devices and search engines to look at the results. It will take you 5 minutes to get started. By the way, we can prepare a list of keywords ourselves!
Will I have to set something up myself?
No. Your personal manager from our company will set everything up!
We are an agency. Do you have a referral program?
Of course, write about it to

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