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Trademarks play a critical role in distinguishing the goods and services of one company from another, helping to build brand recognition and consumer trust. Trademark abuse usually occurs when a registered trademark is used in paid search (PPC) without authorization, leading to confusion and harm to the reputation of the trademark owner.
The problem is that it can be challenging to manually track such cases because it is time-consuming and scammers use tricky techniques to hide their actions.
We will now explain how RevenueLab quickly identified the perpetrator and prevented reputational risks in minimal time with the help of BluePear.


RevenueLab, an affiliate network, teamed up with BluePear. Together, we uncovered a trademark infringement where the rival was illegally using the "Revenuelab" trademark. The competitor used this trademark in their Google Ads and drove traffic using RevenueLab brand keywords. This unauthorized activity posed a considerable risk to the reputation and traffic of RevenueLab.Content Image

Actions Taken by BluePear

BluePear took several steps to help RevenueLab combat the trademark abuse by the competitor.
1 step: RevenueLab received a notification from BluePear in a messenger app about a trademark violation.
2 step: Using BluePear's platform, RevenueLab easily found evidence of the violations, including the ad content, ad link, redirect sequences, branded keywords, and screenshots.Content Image
3 step: RevenueLab and Bluepear prepared a formal complaint, presenting the evidence of trademark abuse.
4 step: The complaint was sent directly to the competitor and to the Google Ads Trademarks policy.
5 step: Upon receiving a warning about the possible consequences, the competitor removed the ads that used the "RevenueLab" trademark.


Thus, BluePear helped prevent further unauthorized use of the RevenueLab trademark and avoided serious reputational risks.
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Safeguarding Your Brand with BluePear

BluePear's swift actions in identifying and addressing the trademark abuse allowed RevenueLab to protect their brand reputation and prevent the loss of valuable traffic. By partnering with BluePear, your company can benefit from their expertise in combating trademark abuse.
BluePear's comprehensive approach includes monitoring for unauthorized use, filing complaints against infringing parties, and ensuring an effective resolution to trademark infringement cases. Whether it involves unlawful use in paid advertising or taking legal action to protect your brand, BluePear can safeguard your brand's reputation.
To maintain the integrity of your brand, consider partnering with BluePear to prevent the theft of valuable traffic and to uphold a strong brand presence. Our expert assistance in brand protection will serve as a powerful deterrent against trademark abuse, preserving the reputation and success of your business.

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