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In February 2023, BluePear received a major update for desktop and mobile versions. Both in-app tools and the software UI have been updated. Therefore, we want to tell you in full detail about BluePear 2.0 - an AI-powered solution designed to protect your brand's online presence by combating brand-bidding, ad-hijacking and trademark abuse. In this article, we will guide you through the update and tell you how you can benefit from the improvements.


Our team of developers, designers and product managers has been working on this large-scale update for 3 months. The purpose of the update is to improve overall user experience by implementing changes based on user feedback we’ve collected throughout three years of BluePear’s existence. It won't be an overstatement to say that we have created the most user-friendly , fast and modern interface on the market which makes using our product that much easier. screen_1_final.png

Screen_2_final.png BluePear UI before and after the update

Data export

Now let's take a deeper look at what’s changed. And the first thing we want to talk about is the data export because we’re fairly confident that BluePear has the most in-depth exporting customization in the industry. Screen_3_final.png

Updated BluePear lets you customize your export settings by applying filters so that you get only the data you need in one place. For example, you can choose to download information from just one or several columns by toggling the respective filters. This feature was requested by our clients and thanks to their feedback we made using the system more enjoyable and time-efficient. advertisers_export.png Now with those filters, you can get the exact data you need

Keyword search

Next update - convenient keyword search was added. screen_5_final.png

It allows you to find domains and advertisements that have used a particular keyword. Practical. screen_6_final.png

Show Affiliates filter

In addition, the Show Affiliates filter was added. filters.png

It sorts the search results showing the domains and ad copies run by affiliates screen_8_final.png

Hiding sites

The next new feature is the possibility to hide sites. If the program's user is sure that some sites will no longer use branded keywords, they can hide their ad group by setting their Progress status as Completed. To show the hidden sites in the report again, just click on the Show hidden sites toggle button . hide_site.png

Progress Status filter

Another important update is the Progress Status filter. As the name implies It allows you to set the status of a particular case and keep track of unresolved cases depending on the stage of their progression. Thus, you can say the "in process" status for other domains, sort them and then see which domains or partners have already been reported and dealt with, and which are still in progress. If the domain in question no longer runs their ads bidding on your keywords, you can set the status to "completed" and check in on them after a while to make sure they don’t resume their fraudulent activities.

Research Tools

Another updated tool - the Research Tools section. It allows users to compare the dynamics of advertisers (domains) that run ads displayed for their brand terms. Screen_11_final.png

Thanks to the analytical utility of Research Tools, you can compare how different suspicious unknown affiliates use their keywords in advertising.

We've also added the Visibility index which allows you to see the most active bidders Also, the Top Keyword column was added. It allows you to quickly find the most popular keyword for which competitors use advertising settings (without wasting time on search and analysis). You can view all of the ads for each keyword by clicking on the ad count.

Additionally, the Keywords section now includes the Top Advertisers column, where you can find information about popular keywords targeted by each advertiser.

We added a new AVK indicator that shows how frequently advertisers use ads for a particular brand search query. In the Advertisers column, you can see the number of domains found for a specific keyword and compare their dynamics over a specific period.


As the name suggests, this tool allows you to view general information. For example, in the first module Keywords, you can see that in the past 30 days for the 150 keywords that the client has provided us with, only 45 of them were actively used. In the module Advertisers, you can see the dynamics for a specific date. It is convenient for monitoring dynamic changes in the number of bidders during the marketing off-season, Black Friday or any other specific time frame. The Ads module allows you to track the number of advertisements for a selected period of time.

For example, on December 20 the system caught 300 ads, but on December 25 the number dropped to only 100 advertisements. Why did the dynamics change drastically in a matter of a few days? What are the key influences? By analyzing this data, effective solutions can be found to improve advertising campaigns. screen_12_final.png

The Infringements module shows the number of violations found by the program, and the Affiliates module - the number of dishonest affiliates that BluePear found in a specific period of time.


Visibility shows how often BluePear detects ads that appear in the search results for your keywords. For example, the system made 100 searches and only 55 of them resulted in a display of advertisements on the search engine results pages.

In this case the Visibility rate is 55%. The fact is that not all search results will feature advertisements, and it depends on various factors: sometimes due to specific targeting settings, time, etc. It is also possible that affiliates have stopped running their ads and using your keywords. And, perhaps,this was a marketing off-season meaning there were less ads in general. Or it could be that *.com succeeded in making dishonest affiliates comply so they stopped advertising. screen_13_final.png

The Visibility by Country index allows you to see detailed information for different countries. For example, in India, 44% of monitoring checks that are done by BluePear resulted in catching advertisements, for the US the number was17%, in Brazil - 14%, and in Greece - 5%. screen_14_final.png

Policy Filters

Now in order to see those ads that infringe on your trademark and commit other types of fraudulent behavior a user can go to Policy and apply respective filters: select Brand bidding to see all ads and advertisers that use your branded keywords, apply the Trademark abuse or Trademark abuse url filter to see which ads use your brand’s name in their ad copies and display URls without permission.

Each filter makes it easier to track ads depending on the type of policy infringement. The Trademark abuse filter, for example, will display ads that contain brand terms which the company does not want other advertisers to use in their ads. In other words, this new feature is here to save your time that you would normally waste going through the results manually. screen_16_final.png

Mobile version

BluePear has a new mobile version available for iOS and Android users. Now the system is more accessible than ever while still retaining the core functionality of the desktop version. Very handy if I do say so myself. mobile_version.png

And that concludes our detailed overview of BluePear’s biggest update so far. If you want to know more or try it out for yourself, we’ll be more than happy to do a showcase and answer all of your questions. Just contact us.

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