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In the digital age, advertising is a critical part of any company's marketing strategy. As more advertising dollars are spent online, brands face a greater risk of ad hijacking. Ad hijacking occurs when a third party places unauthorized ads on a brand's website or application. This can damage a brand's reputation and result in lost revenue. In this blog post, we will discuss three tactics to protect your brand from the smartest ad hijackers.

A hijacker is an entity that inserts itself into the online advertising ecosystem to generate revenue from ads. Intentional hijackers may be scammers trying to steal money, or they may be hackers looking for information on how to attack victims' computers. Regardless of their motives, hijackers pose a growing threat to advertisers and consumers alike.

The unlimitedly increasing danger of ad frauds

Ad hijacking can be a serious threat to brands, damaging their reputation and resulting in lost revenue. Ad hijackers are third parties that place unauthorized ads on a brand's website or application. These ads can be harmful in many ways, including promoting illegal or inappropriate content or redirecting users to malicious websites.

When users see unauthorized ads on a brand's website or app, they may assume that the brand has approved them. This can damage the brand's reputation and lead to a loss of consumer trust. In addition, unauthorized ads can redirect users to malicious sites, which can lead to security breaches and data theft.

Ad hijacking can also result in lost revenue for brands. When third parties place unauthorized ads on a brand's website or app, they can take potential revenue away from legitimate advertisers. This can be especially harmful to smaller businesses that rely on advertising revenue to stay profitable.

Hijackers use sophisticated methods while conducting their activities. They can use bots, proxies and other techniques that look like legitimate traffic. It's a growing problem for advertisers because it often happens on a large scale. Overall, ad hijacking is a huge problem that should not be taken lightly. Brands must take proactive steps to protect themselves from ad hijackers and ensure that their online presence remains safe and secure. By using trusted ad networks, monitoring their ads, and working with brand safety partners, brands can significantly reduce the risk of ad hijacking and protect their reputation and revenue.

Protect your brand with all measures possible

You should be prepared to take action if you see suspicious activity, even if it isn't happening right now.

Monitor suspicious behavior

While you're monitoring your traffic, look for the following activities:

-Sudden spikes in traffic;

-Various patterns that deviate from normal traffic patterns;

-Unusual URL patterns (for example, if a large portion of your site's URLs suddenly redirect to another domain);

-Unusual device types (for example, if your analytics tool shows that someone is visiting your site from an iPhone, when they should not be able to access it from that device).

Use a trusted ad network

One of the most effective ways to protect your brand from ad hijacking is to use a trusted ad network. Such services usually have strict guidelines for all the types of ads that can be placed on their network. They also have rigorous vetting processes for advertisers.

When choosing an ad network, take the time to do your research. Look for networks that have a proven track record of delivering high-quality ads and protecting their clients' brands. Check their reviews and ratings to make sure they have a good reputation in the industry. Also, make sure they have a clear policy on ad hijacking and unauthorized ads.

Monitor your ads

Another tactic to protect your brand from ad hijacking is to monitor your ads. Check your website and app regularly for unauthorized ads. You can also use ad monitoring software to detect unauthorized ads. Ad monitoring software can help you detect ad hijacking in real time and provide you with alerts.

If you find unauthorized ads, take immediate action to remove them. Contact your ad network to report the unauthorized ads. You can also notify your brand safety partner if you work with one. The key is to act quickly and decisively to prevent further damage to your brand.

Work with a Brand Safety Partner

Working with a brand safety partner can also help protect your brand from ad hijacking. A brand safety partner can monitor your ads and website for unauthorized activity. They can also provide you with real-time alerts when unauthorized activity is detected.

Using AI as protection from ad hijackers

In the last few years, various AI systems have been developing at an unprecedented rate. The creation of services that use AI to protect brands was inevitable. You can use several tactics that include usage of artificial intelligence:

Use AI to stop ad fraud: AI can help you to identify patterns in online advertising that indicate ad fraud. This includes detecting bots that repeatedly click on ads or create fake profiles on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Use AI to identify hijackers: Once an ad has been blocked by an AI tool on suspicion of fraudulent traffic or malicious activity, it's time for another type of software. Some AI systems are designed specifically for human analysis - to take over the investigation process. The goal here is twofold: first, to find out exactly who's behind this hijacking activity; second, to understand why they're doing it, in order to better understand what is the best way to defend against future attacks from similar sources.

The only problem is that such a method of protection is mostly unavailable for small businesses. AI protection is simply too much for their budget. You have not only to find a reliable partner, but also be ready to pay a good bunch of your yearly profit for the protection that such services provide. protect-from-ad-hijackers text.png


Ad hijacking can damage a brand's reputation and cost it millions of dollars. However, by using a trusted ad network, monitoring your ads, and working with a brand safety partner, you can significantly reduce the risk of ad hijacking. Protecting your brand from any type of malicious activities should be a top priority for any business that values its reputation and online presence.

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